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10 April 2013

Apple TV

Movies on demand, wireless streaming of videos, music and photos. It's time to make your idiot box smarter

Gagan Gupta
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Apple TV is here, and surprisingly, no one knows about it. When Apple finally launched the iTunes Store for music and movies in the Indian market, everyone knew that this would be the next logical step. But somehow, Apple’s been a bit hush hush about the launch of its little box. But we’ll help you figure out what exactly it can do.

First things first – it’s not your grandpa’s cable box. There are no TV channels (in the traditional sense) on it. Everything you play on it would come either from your Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad or anything else that has AirPlay support. Which means you can play just about any media file that you can play on any of the previously mentioned devices without the need for an external app. It won’t play DivX or MKV files, for all you Pirate Bay... pirates.

But you can watch your pictures on your TV, along with the vacation videos you shot from your iPhone. You can also play music from your devices or play your iPhone and iPad games on your TV screen, all via the magically wireless AirPlay. And with the newly stocked iTunes, you can also buy and rent entire movies in
high-definition, right from Apple TV.

Being an Apple product, it naturally comes with apps as well. Currently, the number of streaming apps supported in India is very limited. But hopefully, that will change in time. Now that Apple has this out of the way, it’s about time it came up with a TV as well. And this time, we are talking about the telly.

Rs 7,999; www.apple.com/in

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