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07 December 2012

Audi sledge

Disappointing lack of Quattro system, and worryingly inexpensive

Matthew Jones
Car image

After a light flurry if snow, the north Indian road network has fallen to its knees and motoring organisations are calling for a national rejection of The Car as a means of transport. Which is where ever-opportunistic Audi have stepped in with this - a piece of plastic.

Known internally as A-RS3 Brüiser*, it's made from an advanced synthetic material designed to perform optimally at temperatures as low as -20°C. It features two ergonomic grips, an anatomical seat and rib profiling for optimum surface slip.

As you'd imagine, it's finished in silver, and emblazoned with the famous four Audi rings. It can accommodate weights of up to 100kg, can be driven by everyone from six years old up and costs a piffling Rs 3,100 (approx).

*we made this up

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