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09 January 2013

Blaupunkt BT Drive Free 211

Can't decide between a Bluetooth headset or a car hands-free kit? How about getting both in a single package?

Gagan Gupta
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You don’t see too many people these days sporting Bluetooth headsets. The weird single-eared devices have now given way to the better looking, better sounding A2DP stereo headsets. Pity, since the headsets are still quite useful, and though you may disagree, they’re really so much better than having all of your hearing blocked with stereo phones.

But it’s not just about the headset, but a good mix of the headset, combined with a car hands-free kit, that gives you the much needed option of being able to have a private conversation in a car, when you’re driving with friends. You see, what comes across as just a car hands-free kit, has a nifty little headset attached in the centre. You can use this headset independently and then simply fit it in the unit when driving. Great idea, right?

Well, there is one major hiccup that undoes this Utopian idea – the fit of the Bluetooth headset. Blaupunkt has chosen a very weird design for this unit, which relies on staying attached to your ear canal without any form of external support.

The problem is, it doesn’t stay attached. Things get a bit clumsy when you’re trying to use the headset, since it’s prone to simply falling off at any time.

That said, both the headset and the car unit sound great and there were no issues in voice quality that couldn’t directly be pinned to the network. The car unit is easy to use and pairing two cellphones was a piece of cake. It’s a great device from Blaupunkt and a device that you’ll love to have. Just make sure your ears have enough traction to keep the headset in place.

Price: Rs 3,999

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