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03 February 2013

Blaupunkt BT Drive Free 311

We’ve been experimenting with a number of Bluetooth car hands-free kits recently

Gagan Gupta
Car image

By the end of the exercise, one thing has become clear – the best position to place the kit is in the car visor.

This one looks the simplest of the Drive Free range, but interestingly, it’s the most advanced of the lot. There’s a display that keeps the guesswork out of which device you’re connected to and important information such as device status and battery level. There’s also the great voice notification system, which is really useful when you need to keep your eyes on the road.

The 311 easily connects to two Bluetooth devices, in case you carry two phones. In our tests, the voice quality was loud and clear, although we did have to understandably speak a bit louder than usual. It has a simplistic but classic look, with buttons large enough to not distract you when you’re driving. Overall, the Drive Free 311 is a great in-car hands-free kit, and well worth the price tag.

Rs 4,990; www.blaupunkt.com

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