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18 July 2013

Blaupunkt Comfort CN-112 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Complete silence is what you’ll get with these lovely cans from Blaupunkt

Gagan Gupta
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Though relatively new to the Indian headphones market, Blaupunkt seems to be pushing out quality gear across the range. We’ve already reviewed its halo headphones (Blaupunkt Style in our May issue); now we’ve got our hands on the headphones that seem to be more up our alley – noise cancelling Comfort headphones.

As always, Blaupunkt manages to give you everything you need in a single box, including a high quality hard carry case and a dual-pin stereo connector for the one place you’ll be using these headphones the most – on airline journeys.

The headphones themselves are considerably light and extremely comfortable on any ear size, with the noise cancellation switch placed on the left ear.

As expected from the technology, the high-frequency hiss cancels out most audible external sound, and once you start playing music, the hiss is hard to notice as well. Though most noise cancelling headphones tend to compromise on overall audio quality, the CN-112 does a pretty good job on the music front. The bass is boomy but not too tight, and the treble is not overly sharp.

Overall, the Comfort headphones worked really well under all circumstances, and if you’ve been looking for a pair of noise cancellers that don’t ruin your audio quality, these seem to fit the bill.

Rs 10,000; blaupunkt.com

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