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20 March 2013

Blaupunkt headphones, now in India

Yes, they do headphones too, and they just unveiled their 2013 collection

Gagan Gupta
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Everyone is aware of Blaupunkt's car audio systems, and in the recent months we did get a chance to get hands-on with their hands-free car kits as well. But did you know they did headphones as well? Neither did we, until they introduced their new range of headphones.

Blaupunkt ensures that these Ultra lightweight headphones deliver the highest levels of performance and are comfortable for long-term wearing.

The range includes the Blaupunkt 'Style', foldable headphones with ‘Share-Your-Music’ function, thanks to a multi-jack output pin. They come with interchangeable colored ultra-soft ear cushions and a handy carry-case.

The Pure and Pure Talk are the base level in-ear headphones. Pure Talk comes with a mic as well that's compatible with your mobile device. Both come with 3 different sizes of ear cushions for a secured fit.

Sport Talk boast a support of 4 speakers (2+2) for clear sound and super bass. The rotational 3D speakers, removable ear clips eliminate the need for continuous adjustments. These earphones come with a leather carrying pouch and a microphone connector.

Blaupunkt “Comfort” model, equipped with a high performance noise cancellation feature reduces background noise with its actively adjustable sensitivity of noise cancellation.  These on-ear headphones are compatible for use with MP3, CD, and DVD and with in-flight entertainment systems as well. Noise cancellation is more than 16 dB at 150 to 250 Hz.

The Blaupunkt 'Kids' headphones have a  built-in limiter function that allows parents to have control over the sound volume of the headphones, which guarantees the sound safety for the kid’s ears for hours of listening. These come with changeable skins, some with funky designs and even a plain white one to keep things simple.

The price range for these headphones starts from Rs 2,999 for the Blaupunt Pure to Rs 14,999 for the Blaupunkt Style - their flagship headphone. Look out for our hands-on reports on some of these models in the Options List section.

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