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03 December 2010

BMW M3: Gran Turismo 5 vs reality

Driver hotfoots his Beemer around the ‘Ring through medium of GT5 and, erm, the real thing

Vijay Pattni
Car image

According to TopGear's highly spurious and questionable scientific knowledge, playing car racing games for hours makes you an 88 per cent better human being. And a better driver.

We have evidence. When we put iRacing hero Greger Huttu in the cockpit of a single seat racing car (see link below), he transformed his hours of virtual play into respectable real-world racing times around the Road Atlanta raceway in Georgia.

Now another chap has transferred his gaming skills into real-world prowess. Denis Malevanyi hotfooted it around the Nurburgring in GT5's virtual reality and in tyre-shrieking-soiled-underwear-watch-that-scooter-reality.

He then edited both laps into this natty split-screen video, that you can now show your better half when they inevitably scream at you for spending hours on your PS3. Remember, the Geek shall inherit the earth...

Check out our review of Gran Turismo 5 in the January 2011 issue of TopGear India.

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