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27 January 2013

Boy’s Toy of the Year: Trikke

Battery operated or human powered, the Trikke puts the personal back into person transport

Gagan Gupta
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Out of the hundreds of great technological marvels launched in India last year, we had to select one, just one gadget that deserved this award. What a great opportunity to start an iOS vs Android war! But resisting that temptation, we knew the one thing we really enjoyed using was the Trikke.

Available in two major options – a battery-powered electric and a manual powered option, Trikke can be a great way to get across extensive mall floors. It can also be a great workout tool, depending on the model you pick.

Both variants are self-balancing, but they do have that bit of a learning curve, especially the manual option. But for pure laziness, there’s also the electric version, which (naturally) is the one we prefer.

So, pushing all the phones, tablets and other gadgetry aside, our winner is a commuting device that’s super-fun and good for you.

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