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06 September 2012

Burnout Crash

Has the series lost its edge in this casual venture?

Gagan Gupta
Car image

The infamous console series of racing games, Burnout, takes a different approach on the iOS. Firstly it does away with traditional racing (if you ever considered the Burnout series as traditional), and focuses only on the Crash mode, where you drive your car into heavy traffic and cause as much damage as possible. Secondly it changes the camera angle to a top-down view, making it more - dare we say it - casual.

Touch controls work wonderfully with Burnout Crash! Instead of using a painful on-screen d-pad, you drive your car by placing your finger on the road in front of your vehicle. After your vehicle crashes you still have a level of control on your car so you can swipe in the direction you want it to move towards, as it causes destruction along the way.

The aim in every level is to get a five-star destruction rating, which may require you to hit specific key cars, destroy some structures or fulfill a similar task along the way. There are a total of six intersections and 54 levels to play on, so there is more than enough content to keep you busy for a while. Though the challenge levels may significantly rise as you progress through the game, the base gameplay is fun enough to not get annoying after multiple retries. Rs 275 (approx) on iPad.

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