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23 July 2013

Canon Powershot G15

A prosumer compact cam that's powerful enough to make your consumer DSLR look like a waste of space...

Gagan Gupta
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Compact cameras have come under a lot of flak lately with everyone jumping on to the DSLR bandwagon. But Canon’s G series have always been known as the compact camera that the pros use when they can’t lug around their DSLRs. The Canon Powershot G15 shows you exactly why.

Just holding the G15 feels great. It’s not too light, even though it’s in a relatively compact frame. Build quality feels tight and sturdy, and it has a classy matte finish with a high-friction grip. The screen isn’t tilt-n-swivel, which would be the one gripe we had with the G15, but it is sharp and crisp and gives you the necessary details even when you’re using manual focus. DSLR users will love the Canon hotshoe and optical viewfinder provided in the camera.

The body looks busy, with a whole lot of buttons and toggles, the most notable of which is a dedicated dial for EV settings. The video recording mode too has a separate button, which starts recording in any mode you’ve set on the camera.

The G15 takes around a second-and-a-half from power off to shot, which is impressive. But not nearly as impressive as its lightning quick autofocus. It is hands down the fastest autofocus we’ve experienced in any consumer camera, which makes it easier to shoot the right shots at the right time. In fact, the whole camera seems to be designed for speed, with the dedicated controls and that responsive interface.

The G15 boasts ISO sensitivity levels up to 12,800, though we do notice degradation of picture quality after ISO 800. Still, overall picture reproduction from the 12 megapixel sensor is admirable. The lines are sharp and clear under numerous lighting conditions, and even using ISO 800 in low-light yields acceptable quality. Colour reproduction is spot-on with Canon’s Digic 5 engine giving just the right amount of saturation to keep images lively without overdoing the reds and greens.

This is one of the finest compact cameras in the market today. If you’re not a DSLR fanatic, this camera will give you similar control and quality while fitting snugly in your pocket.

Rs 34,995; canon.co.in

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