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03 July 2013

Casio G-Shock Bluetooth

Get mobile alerts on your watch. And it's a G-Shock!

Gagan Gupta
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Remember the childhood dream of having a watch that doubles up as a communication device? Not that it's practical to have that in anyway, unless you have double-jointed elbows, but watches can still be the bridge to communicating with your mobile phone.

The Casio G-Shock Bluetooth watch does just that by giving out alerts when you get an email or even an incoming call, which should be a lot less awkward than pulling out your phone in the middle of a meeting, a date or any such crucial life moments.

The watch can even be a security device that rings out every time you drift too far from your phone. Useful if you tend to leave your gadgets behind a lot.

Rs 9,995; casio-intl.com


Tags: watch, hardware, g shock, casio



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