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01 November 2012

Game review: F1 2012

Sure there's an Formula One game every year now, and yes they are getting better. But is the 2012 edition a big enough leap to warrant an upgrade?

Gagan Gupta
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There are racing games, and there’s F1. Over the last couple of years the series has created a new genre for itself by setting new standards in accuracy, both on and off the track. That and the brutally realistic simulation of practically all the F1 events.

This particularly holds truer now. Codemasters have included an hour-long in-game tutorial to help you learn the ropes of the game and even make it more newbie friendly. As painful as it sounds, you’ll be thankful for the lesson/refresher course by the end of it, since handling the game is not an easy task by any means. Of course, the more casual gamers can use KERs for a more no-brainer arcade experience, but if you’re honestly looking for just that, then this isn’t the game for you.

Challenging as it may be, you’ll never falter because the game is being unfair, but only because you did something wrong, like brake at the wrong time or oversteered at a turn. Thankfully, there are a lot of assists provided to keep things from getting painful. Besides the brake and turn assists, there’s also the rewind feature that pulls you back in time to retry a spot where you would have made a mistake. Of course there’s a chance that you’ll be overusing that feature, but Codemasters leaves it up to you, and how you enjoy playing the game.

The big question however is, if you already own F1 2011, is this one really worth the upgrade? While, F1 2011 was definitely no slouch, F1 2012 definitely aces that game in almost every aspect of presentation. There’s also the newly included Texas track from the US GP, that should get the core fans excited. Plus the refinement in gameplay and controls makes this a better overall package. We say, if you really are passionate about F1 – let the older game gather dust, and upgrade to Formula One 2012.

Available on: PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Price: Rs 2,799 (Rs 999 for PC)

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