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06 August 2018

Gear on demand

Tired of not having the perfect gear for a trip? There’s a great way to get over that hump. Read on

Debabrata Sarkar
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Have you ever sat down and made a list of all the riding gear that you would like to own? Well, we often have this discussion in the TG office and have figured a pattern. There has to be the bear essential full mesh jacket and riding denims for everyday use thanks to the weather and our woefully slow traffic. This, of course, needs to be paired with a pair of light gloves and an open face helmet with a bubble visor or some retro goggles. But that does not work for a highway run, so there has be a longer touring jacket with multiple pockets and pants with better protection and a pair of boots to go with it. Maybe a pair of mildly vented leather gloves and a top-notch helmet with a secondary tinted visor. And then, if you enjoy some time in the dirt, there is… well, you get the picture. Before long the list spans a few pages and runs into a few lakhs worth. And I haven’t even got to accessories or the desire to show up for an occasional track day at a proper race track.


Seems rather bleak, doesn’t it? Settle down for a compromise and get on with the riding. Well, not anymore. Bearclaw has decided to step in with an easy solution. They have an entire range of jackets, pants and luggage on offer; action cameras even. And they are all available on customised rental plans. So, the next time you plan to head out for an adventure and are feeling slightly underprepared, get in touch with the good folks at Bearclaw and fill in all the gaps to go touring like a pro. Rental plans for road trips require a minimum of 7 days, while basic gear for city use can acquired on a daily basis. Moreover, you can now decide to attend the track school that you have always wanted to thanks to the leather suits on offer. In case you are worried about what the gear will smell like, well, Bearclaw not only does doorstep delivery and pick up, but also ensures everything is cleaned up after each use.

Let’s face it, for the vast majority of us, touring is an annual phenomenon and, if we are lucky, we could indulge in a couple of track days. The investment tends to outweigh the usage and practicality, which results in sub-standard compromises. This isn’t the best idea and we should ideally use the best gear for these occasions and, well, now you can. You can look good and travel comfortably, moreover, if you really like the gear, you can even buy it off them. Perfect.

Visit thebearclaw.in and get in touch with the team to get your customised rental plan for all the gear you want.


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