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29 November 2013

Grand Theft Auto V

Say goodbye to your life and personal time...

Gagan Gupta
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Unlike movies, it’s natural for every game to be better than its predecessor, but it’s not often that a series that’s already (in)famous for excessiveness, pushes its boundaries to a level where it impresses you all over again, the way it originally did. GTA V is not only thrice as big as any of the cities it’s done in the past, it’s also refined and improved to the extent that everyone who did not like the series till now will probably have a different opinion about this game.

GTA V is not just bigger in every sense of the word; it’s also much more improved

Instead of giving you the life of an upcoming gangster, GTA V presents a complex plot that revolves around three individuals, all of them controlled by you. First off, there’s Franklin, a young thug from the hood with a heart of gold, looking for a way to make it big in life. Then there’s Michael, a retired con artist in his middle age, living the good life, or as good as it can get with his serially dysfunctional family. And lastly, there’s loose cannon Trevor, Michael’s old compadre, who’s back to cause chaos in his buddy’s life as well as the city of Los Santos.

Each character has an area of expertise. Franklin is an excellent wheel man and support when pulling heists, Michael is doing what he can to get his life together, and Trevor is just a trigger-happy, drug-crazy man with no particular life goal besides continuing to be the criminally insane person that he already is. You can seamlessly switch between the characters when you’re not in a mission, and doing that gives you different missions, side-missions and places of interest.

As always, the city of Los Santos is alive and bustling with people and activities, so even if you decide not to take on any missions and just simply explore the city on your own, chances are you will find something to keep busy. Some of the activities include tennis, golf, yoga, cycling, off-road racing, hunting, hiking, flying a plane and lots more.

You can even play a hero once in a while and chase a random purse snatcher on the streets. Whether you wish to return the purse is, of course, up to you. There are many other missions that you can take on without even having it marked on your map. Hell, fly over the city and parachute down while the plane crashes – simply because you can.

GTA V is not just bigger in every sense of the word; it’s also much more improved, with new mission modes like heists, mid-mission checkpoints, excellent visuals, and a story that will just suck the time right out of your life without you realising it. And it would be time well spent.

Rs 2,999; PS3 and Xbox 360; gamestheshop.com

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