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07 March 2013

Gunnar Outdoor Eyewear

Keeps out the bad UV while maintaining overall visibility

Gagan Gupta
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Gunnar makes great glasses for cutting eye-strain while gaming, and that’s what they’re best known for. But this month we had the chance to try out their Outdoor Eyewear range, which seems pretty natural for us, considering that these are optimised for driving.

The comfort of wearing the glasses for long durations that we felt in the gaming range was immediately noticeable here as well. The Titan series eyewear sported a slim, lightweight temple arms that we practically didn’t feel after a while.

The lenses fitted had a gradient finish, which was darker on top and lighter as it went lower. This worked really well while driving, since we were getting sun protection along with a clear view of the odometer. The great part was that we had a very clear vision even while passing through tunnels. We usually take off our sunglasses while passing through the dimly lit tunnels, but with these, our vision was hardly impaired.

It’s a great product in every way, and extremely useful for someone who spends long durations on the road. Like us.

Rs 5,500; gunnar.co.in

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