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24 August 2012

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

Don’t waste floor space on toy tracks. Wall mount them

Gagan Gupta
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There are two things about kids that all parents know – they love spreading their toys on the floor, and they refuse to pick up the bloody things after they’re done playing. And for ages, Hot Wheels tracks have been the biggest culprits.

But now, thanks to a great idea, Hot Wheels has launched a new range of tracks that can be wall-mounted. The simple installation uses 3M adhesive tapes so the setup can be attached to any surface and also be removed without messing up your walls.

The track we had for testing was a simple setup with just two track jumps in place, one of which was propelled by a battery-powered motor. There are also slots on some track segments that help you expand those tracks if you already have more kits, or plan on buying more.

Needless to say in an office full of grown-ups this track proved to be quite entertaining. And no, we haven’t cleared up the space after play.

Rs 1,699 onwards, hotwheels.com

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