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19 August 2012

Hovding Invisible bike helmet

Cyclists get a helmet that's also a fashion accessory.

Gagan Gupta
Car image

Too fashionable to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle? This fashion accessory should get you thinking in the right direction. This stylish neck collar auto inflates in around 1/10th of a second in case of an accident. And as you can see above, it does look great around necks. Of course it's not the most practical thing in the word and will not survive more than a single accident, but on the bright side, you will.

But of course style doesn't come cheap, and this one too will set you back Rs 35,000 (approx). Kind of ensures you don't take any unnecessary riding risks with that price, doesn't it?

Check out the video below to see the helmet in action or head to www.hovding.com/en/how to buy.

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