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11 November 2013

Ken Block releases Gymkhana 6

Our favourite driftmeister takes 650bhp Fiesta around ultimate obstacle course…

Vijay Pattni
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It's Ken Block, in a 650bhp Ford Fiesta ST with a sticker on the rear that reads "kill all tires". Yes, it's Gymkhana 6, and you want to take six and a half minutes out of your day to sit back and say ‘woah'.

It's the latest in Block's series of short clips where he demonstrates his ability to torch rubber in a variety of locales. This time, he takes his modified Fiesta, complete with its 881Nm of torque and ability to go from 0-96kph in just 1.8 seconds, around an obstacle course.

To be honest, it's not as cool as Gymkhana 5 (shot on the streets of San Francisco), nor as glamorous as Gymkhana 4 (a Hollywood-themed drift-off) but feels more in the spirit of the very first Gymkhana he released many moons ago; a display of his sheer technical skill in smoking the rears and performing eye-wateringly huge donuts.

He drifts underneath a series of shipping containers. He donuts around two moving Lamborghinis (an Aventador and what looks like a Murcielago) and a pair of policemen riding Segways. He even maneuvers his way around a moving wrecking ball; a fitting end to, essentially, Block's modus operandi for his car's tyres.

Have a watch of the new video, and then tell us: which is your favourite Gymkhana video? Ours is still the time he took James May for a little spin on TG telly..

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