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28 February 2013

Launched: LG Optimus G

LG's new flagship mobile sports a quad-core processor and a whopping 13 megapixel cam

Gagan Gupta
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The LG Optimus G smartphone has been officially launched in India and we managed to get some hands-on time with the device.

First, the specs - Optimus G boasts a 4.7-inch True HD IPS Plus display with WXGA screen resolution (1280x768 pixels), and a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5 GHz quad-core processor. But one of the biggest highlights of the phone is its spiffy 13 megapixel rear camera with a bunch of functions like smile-shutter and burst-shooting.

The LG Optimus G comes with a number of unique applications to make it stand out. Its QSlide feature allows consumers to simultaneously run two apps and multitask their way through work and play. Its QuickTranslator translates any international language into English and vice-versa, while its QuickMemo app allows users to jot down important notes on any phone screenshot, even while on active call. When videos are played in the player, the Zoom In function enables consumers to zoom in/ out of a live video. Plus it offers a unique concept of Dual Screen-Dual Play, where by users can run any of phone content to a connected TV and simultaneously work on phone on another application.

Our hands-on time with the phone gave us a pretty good impression, with its quick and intuitive interface along with UI enhancements that seemed to make a lot of sense. The native LG apps were more utility driven and seemed well optimised for the device. We will have a full review of the device soon.

Rs. 34,500; lg.com/in

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