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09 June 2014

LG 55-inch curved OLED TV

Just when we thought TVs had reached the peak of innovation, LG throws us a curveball

Gagan Gupta
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The way TV innovations are coming in, you never expected your TV to become part of the two-year change cycle, did you? But here’s innovation from LG that will change the way you perceive your entertainment – a curved display.

The idea behind a curved TV is that it mimics the screen you see in the theatres and gives you that sense of immersion. While the concept is great for a large theatrical, projection-based display, it’s a different argument for home entertainment. The theatre is a large area with a huge display, so the sweet spot is pretty much everything besides the corner seats. In a 55-inch display, the only sweet spot is right in front of it, which is very limited real estate. The side view gives you a good look at the bezel, and an undesirable view. It also cuts down on the ideal viewing distance, if you really want an immersive feel.

Now, that’s more of an issue with the concept of a curved panel, rather than the OLED TV itself, which is downright gorgeous. The image quality and stark contrast presented by the display can’t be matched by anything we’ve seen in LED. The colours feel vibrant, to the extent that we had to tone them down a bit for a more natural feel, but at any setting, there was a clear distinction of colours.

The resolution goes up to 1920x1080 (full-HD), which is fine for a 55-incher. It offers you passive 3D, which is pretty much LG’s forte right now, and it works great, without causing as much eye strain as active 3D. We tried a number of 3D films on it, and though there was some noticeable ghosting at times, the overall 3D performance was top-notch.

LG has packed in a good number of bundled goodies along with the TV, including four sets of 3D glasses (two with frames and two clip-ons), a camera, and the brilliant motion-controlled magic remote. The only parameter we found the TV lacking on was sound quality, which was quite feeble overall. But with a TV like this, it would be a crime not to integrate it with a good sound/home theatre system.

The curved OLED display is an excellent unit, regardless of the reservations we may have about the concept itself. It’s definitely a fully-specced panel that will wow your friends and anyone else who hears about or sees it. But if you’re not in it for the gimmickry, and want a more practical 55-incher that you can watch with a larger group of people over large viewing distances, then a flat panel is still your best friend.

Rs 9.99 lakh;  lg.com/in


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