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06 September 2012

LG LM8600 55-inch LED TV

LG’s 55-inch Cinema 3D display is a complete home theatre experience in one slim package

Gagan Gupta
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It’s a universally accepted fact that when it comes to TVs, bigger is always better. But there have been instances when bigger TVs don’t really justify their size, giving you lackluster performance that’s more of an eyesore. But the 55-inch LM8600 sets benchmarks in not just picture quality and 3D but also the overall entertainment experience.

Starting with the smooth 240Hz display, the image is super-crisp with fluid motion, which adds a major wow factor to movies and games. The 3D function uses passive technology with glasses that are light, cheap and shutter-free, which makes the colours look a lot richer and true to the original image rather than darkened, which is often the case.

We tried out some 3D games that are known to cause a high level of ghosting in 3D, but the LM8600 managed to reduce that significantly while maintaining depth.

Speaking of which, even the 2D images looked great, thanks to the high contrast ratio, which produces deep blacks. DVDs and mobile videos were well upscaled by the display. Converting 2D to 3D is always a sensitive subject, but we found the LM8600 doing a pretty good job of it, especially in sports.

What completes the experience is the TV’s capability to play all kinds of media content through its USB ports. Even full-HD 3D content, which can be quite a system killer, worked extremely well directly via USB. There’s also built-in WiFi to stream content directly from your media-sharing device. Normally, we don’t expect much performance from any TV’s in-built speakers, but here, we didn’t feel the need to attach a soundbar for that audio boost.

LG is really pushing the envelope with its passive 3D displays, and the LM8600 is a fine benchmark for that technology. There’s a lot you can do within the TV itself and internet connectivity with app support is a pretty juicy cherry on top.

Rs 2.65 lakh, lg.com/in

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