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04 November 2013

LG PD233 Pocket Photo Printer

Miss the Polaroid days? This little pocket printer should make up for it

Gagan Gupta
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There are gadgets that seem to make perfect sense. They speed up daily mundane tasks for you, make you more efficient at your work, and even provide you with entertainment. Then there are gadgets that will make everyone around ask why you bought them. These devices won’t add any practical benefit to your life, will probably require more pampering than their mass-produced alternatives, but will be different and even fun at the right moments. Chalk this one up as the latter.

Practically speaking, photo printing at home makes no sense if you’re looking at just cost. You’ll always spend a lot more money on ink and special paper no matter what kind of printer you use. But the convenience of getting a photo you just clicked printed on paper for you to frame or store in an album is priceless. And that’s exactly what the LG Pocket Photo printer is all about.

The printer itself is tiny, at 72.4 x 120.9 x 24mm. It’s not exactly pocketable, but will fit any small bag. There’s an in-built battery pack to power the printer and since it doesn’t work on ink, it’s easily portable without worrying about cartridges getting displaced or ink spilled. Even the printing bit happens wirelessly. All you need to do is load the LG App from the Android store (will happen automatically on NFC-enabled devices), and you can give print commands via Bluetooth, or simply by tapping your NFC-enabled phone on the top of the printer. It’s hands down the most convenient way to print.

Though there’s no ink, there is specialised heat-sensitive ‘Zink’ paper that only comes in 2 x 3-inch size. The mobile application gives you options to enhance your pictures before printing, along with smart options like printing a QR code that carries the date, location and a personal message in the picture. You can put all that information in text as well, but the QR option just makes it a lot cooler.

On the flip side of all the convenience is picture quality. The prints are usually quite dull in both sharpness and colour reproduction, which makes even a well shot pic look like lomography. It’s similar to what you used to get from polaroid cameras back in the day.

LG’s Pocket Photo printer is a fun device and you’ll surely get a kick out of it when you’re meeting friends or at some social gatherings. It’s definitely not the kind of product that’ll be a hit with the masses, and the photo quality is not worth writing home about, but that still doesn’t stop it from being fun.

Rs 14,990; lg.com/in

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