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16 July 2014

LG Sound Plate

A sound plate below your TV saves you space around your TV...

Gagan Gupta
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As TVs are getting slimmer, their audio output is getting teenier. Sure, there are great options in external sound systems, but then there are space and convenience issues. LG aims to simplify that with the Sound Plate - a complete audio solution that sits right under the base of your TV, while offering big sound.

The design of the Sound Plate is genius. It’s built to support a TV up to 55-inches, and has minimal and fuss-free connectivity options that keeps the wire clutter in check. It’s pretty and non-intrusive. Flip it over, and you see two 4¾-inch subwoofers at the bottom. What you can’t see are the four concealed 1x2¾-inch speakers along the rim. The sound output is 4.1 channel, with the fifth, or the centre channel, left out. Connectivity-wise, there’s a simple optical-in that you can connect to your TV, if supported, or any other media device like a DVD player or a cable set-top box. You can even connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth for media playback.

To see the Sound Plate shine, the right sound source is key. Connect it to a 2-channel source and the sound output seems a bit flat. In fact your TV might just about give you a similar result. But once it’s connected to a multi-channel source, that’s when you really see an improvement. Though we didn’t feel much in terms of channel separation, the sound quality felt fuller, with a noticeably deeper bass. The speakers weren’t too loud, but we found it to be adequate for a medium-sized room.

While the output was definitely great considering the unit’s size and the lack of an external subwoofer, you would still be better off with alternate solutions like a soundbar or bookshelf speakers. This is great for its minimalistic nature, but go ahead only if you can give it the right source.

Rs 30,990; lg.com/in


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