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05 September 2012

MapMyIndia ZX250

Another sweet navigator by MapMyIndia, for those looking for a dedicated in-car device

Abhinav Mishra
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The ZX250 has a 5-inch screen, which is ample screen space to read out direction and other information easily. You can feed in proper postal address and the unit will guide you turn by turn on where to go. It does this with pinpoint accuracy and even if you miss a turn it recalculates quickly to get you back on track. Searching for places is easy with suggestion appearing in the drop-down menu as you reach your destination. Not so easy is the touch screen, which is not very responsive. It helps using the stylus in a standstill but it can be inconvenient on the move.

Lane guidance is one of the most impressive features that we found on the ZX250, with the system giving notification on which lane we should be in when an off-ramp appeared. This was helpful in avoiding or taking flyovers while reaching the given destination.

With the ZX250, MapMyIndia offers a robust GPS unit with comprehensive maps. There is a 3D view, which shows you elevated structures and a few mapped building in the neighborhood. Though this might not help you much in navigating, it is a party trick on offer.

The system also comes with an in-built 2GB memory, which is expandable to 8GB with an external memory card. External memory can be used load music or videos or ebooks —your call. We were mostly stuck to the ZX250 for its excellent navigation abilities that included features. Like point of interest which give vital information on restaurants, ATMs and fuel pumps around.

Rs 15,990; mapmyindia.com

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