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09 April 2013

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

If playing a Japanese, sword-wielding ninja cyborg doesn't excite you, we don't know what will

Gagan Gupta
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Not exactly a car game, but anything that involves ninja cyborgs and a truck load of action, is okay by us. Despite the fact that it uses a word like “revengeance” in its title.

Moving away from the stealth action gameplay that the Metal Gear series is known for, Revengeance does away with the Snake family (protagonists from the previous games), and puts Raiden, the ninja cyborg in the lead. As a result, the game doesn’t play like any of the previous Metal Gears, but boy does it kick some serious derriere.

But despite the change in direction, some things stay true to the series – like the long cut scenes, extensive conversations that span a painstakingly detailed storyline and that lovely exclamation point when the enemy spots you sneaking around.

Of course, you  need little reason to sneak around when you’re practically a god-like cyborg, but competition gets a bit tough as you progress, which will make you want to eliminate some enemies on the side before getting in a full-blown fight. Also one-hit kills come with their own rewards.

Metal Gear fans demanded a Raiden game, and now that we have one, it perfectly lives up to the expectations. It’s the perfect game to vent out on, after a long, slow day at work.

Rs 3,499; konami.jp/mgr



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