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12 March 2013

Nebula AX700 4x4 ATV

Imported from China, assembled in Pune. Say hello to the newest quad on the block

Amaan Ahmed
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If you are one of those who face boredom more often than not, and have wads of cash bulging out of your pockets, chances are that you might want to buy an ATV to end your misery. Usually, Polaris would be your go-to brand for ATVs but now, Nebula Automotive is here, with a bunch of foreign-made ATVs.

To be shipped into the country as CKD kits (the actual ATVs come originally from manufacturers like Kazuma, among others), these petrol-only playthings will just be put together by Nebula at its plant in Pune.

As the name suggests, the AX700 is powered by a 686cc single-cylinder motor, which is mated to an auto ‘box with Low and High modes that drives all four wheels.

A brief ride helped us familiarise with the AX700. The quad is ergonomically sound, and pretty intuitive to ride, even for a first-timer. However, build quality on some of the ATVs was just not good enough. Poor welding and loose fittings were a timely reminder of the AX700’s origins, but those should hopefully disappear once customer deliveries commence.

On the move, the AX700 feels just as powerful as it should. Engine vibes are acceptable (the heat from the motor will still bake your feet to a fruit cake), the low kerb weight means that the AX700 is fairly quick, and handles neatly. The ride is stable, and on the forgiving surfaces we rode it on, proved to be quite easy to manoeuvre too.

At Rs 12 lakh (ex-showroom, Pune), the AX700 is not a cheap proposition, especially compared to the much more accomplished and not all that more expensive Polaris offerings, and certainly not a very sensible one. Still, if the road connecting your plantation to your farmhouse resembles Mumbai’s rain-caressed streets, and a Mahindra Thar seems too mainstream, this might do the job. Just about.

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