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01 October 2013

Need for Speed trailer is here

Veyron, Lambo Sesto Elemento, Koenigsegg, McLaren P1 and FIRE in upcoming film…

Vijay Pattni
Car image

There is a new car film coming out and we're told it is a "classic tale of revenge and retribution", which all sounds dandy. But that tale is told through the medium of horsepower and guns and powersliding. Welcome to Need for Speed.

Yep, you read that title right: it's based on the lightly successful video game franchise (they've sold more than 140 million games worldwide), and features Man Of The Moment Aaron Paul as the lead character (we are obliged by popular consensus to remind you that he's Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad), alongside Dominic Cooper and Michael Keaton. Yes, Batman.

We have literally no more idea on the plot, but then you can probably tell they're not aiming for an Oscar. No, judging by this new trailer, they are aiming for fire and destruction. In the clip you will see a Mustang doing a phenomenal powerslide, there's a drag race involving a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, a Bugatti Veyron, McLaren P1 and Koenisgegg Agera R, and the obligatory fiery police car death.

There is slo-mo crashing. There is opera music. There is the obligatory screaming into a raging fire scene. Have a watch ahead of its release next year, March 14.

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