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05 June 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

Size does matter when you’re working with a stylus. This may be the ideal note taker

Gagan Gupta
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There isn’t one ideal size for tablets, is there? There isn’t a single screen size that everyone can agree on. We felt like that when we used the Galaxy Note functionality on earlier devices. It never felt like something we would actively use, either because the screen size was small (to write on; the phone’s quite colossal otherwise), or it just didn’t fit everything on a single screen, like a whiteboard. Even on a 10.1-inch tab.

Which is why this gigantic display of 12.2 inches gives you a great feeling when your inner Picasso needs an outlet, or you just want to take notes in a meeting without running out of screen real estate. It’s the perfect size for the wonderful S-Pen it comes bundled with.

But then, when you have to carry it around, and do other tablet-like things with it – that’s when the size really gets to you. For its size, it does have a good resolution going for it, at 2560x1600 pixels, but it’s not as crisp as you would expect from a super-high-end tablet. Blame that on the low pixel density of 247ppi, which makes individual pixels noticeable, if you have the eye for it.

Powered by an Exynos 5420 octa-core processor, and with a good 3GB of RAM, this tablet keeps thing running smoothly. Though graphically-intensive apps may tend to stutter at times, the device is no slouch when it comes to playing out any modern game to its peak.

That said, the tablet seems to be aimed more at professional users than, well, casual gamers. And Samsung has tweaked the interface for that purpose as well. Magazine UX is now a part of your home screen experience, and it keeps you posted on relevant news and social updates in a Flipboard-like interface.  You also have stock market figures right below the clock and the weather, and there’s Hancom office bundled in, plus plenty of deal sweeteners, including 50GB Dropbox space and other premium subscriptions.

We wouldn’t call the Note Pro 12.2 a workstation replacement, but if you find yourself spending most of your time attending meetings, then this tablet will do you a world of good.

Rs 62,999; samsung.com/in


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