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01 October 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung's halo Android phone has everything you'd want and more...

Abhinav Mishra
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Browsing through the spec sheet shows the S3 is armed for the job. It has all the right ingredients, including 8MP camera with HD recording, 16GB internal memory, 1GB RAM and 1.4 GHz quad-core processor to outsmart other phones. Oh, and did we mention it comes preloaded with the Android 4.0 (Ice-cream Sandwich) OS.

Design-wise, the S3 looks and feels nice. The curved edges and flat pebble shape add to the premium feel. Though the rear cover is all plastic, it doesn’t look or feel cheap. The Super Amoled display is 720x1280 pixels, which seems to be the standard resolution going around these days. This also means there’s a good amount of HD video support on the device, including internally stored videos and HD YouTube content as well.

The camera on the S3 has been a much talked-about feature, and after a bit of playing with it, it’s not hard to see why.

Besides the great picture quality and 720p video recording, there are lots of settings you can tweak to get the right shot. If nothing works, there’s still the brilliant Burst mode, which shoots 20 frames in a few seconds, allowing you to select and keep the ones where no one’s blinking, picking their nose or vibrating enough to look blurry.

Long press the Home button to activate Samsung’s S Voice, which to put in simple terms, is Siri for this device. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s like your own personal assistant that you can call out to and ask questions to help with a range of tasks. Want to send a mail? Ask it to send a mail and dictate the text. You get the idea.

Sadly, the S Voice behaves more like a teenager with headphones on. The type who would respond only after multiple callouts. Most of the time, when we used the S Voice, it wrongly interpreted what we had to say. There were times it managed to call the right contact, but only after we’d spoken slowly and with a thick American accent. Good luck not getting bystanders to sneer at you when you do that in public.

There are a number of other great features like gesture control, the Smart Stay feature that senses you’re looking at the phone and keeps the screen on for the duration. And since it’s powered by a quad core processor, we never encountered a slowdown, or sluggish menus even when we had a host of applications running.

There’s no doubt that the S3 is one powerhouse of a device, and possibly one of the best examples of how great an Android phone can be. Sure, it’s not perfect and there’s always a soft corner in our hearts for the stock Android interface, but Samsung has come far enough to give you an ecosystem of apps that make the TouchWiz interface likeable. You want the best phone in the market today? Here it is.

Rs 37,999; samsung.com/in

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