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22 August 2012

Samsung India opens pre-orders for the new Galaxy Note 800

Offers a free bookcover for the 10.1-inch tablet as a pre-order bonus

Gagan Gupta
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After finally hitting the market in the US and UK, the much anticipated Galaxy Note 800 is making its way to India. Sure enough, Samsung India is anticipating big numbers on the product and to prove that, they have started accepting pre-orders on the new 10.1-inch tablet.

Galaxy Note 800 is powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core processor and 2GB RAM. It comes bundled with Samsung's S Pen, which makes tasks like note taking and drawing feel a lot more natural and controllable than traditional tablets. Adobe's premium app, Photoshop Touch, comes pre-installed on the device, to give you a great test drive of the S Pen's capabilities.

Samsung is only accepting Rs 2,000 as pre-order advance, with no indication of what the actual launch price should be, but the US pricing of $499 (Rs 28,000 approx) for the 16GB variant and $549 (32,000 approx) for the 32GB variant should give you an idea. Securing a pre-order also gets you a free bookcover for the tablet, worth Rs 3,259.

Not too shabby if you ask us. TopGearheads, think this will be the ultimate Android tablet out there? More importantly, would you buy this? Tell us in the super-convenient comments section below.

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