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30 October 2013

Sennheiser Momentum on-ear headphones

Street wear headphones have never looked classier, while sounding this good

Gagan Gupta
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You have to love crossovers! Until recently, there was a clear defining line between street headphones and cans that you wore for high-quality, uninterrupted music.

But now, with street headphones getting super-hip thanks to brands like Beats and Skull Candy mixing things up a bit, everyone now wants headphones that not only sound great on the move, but also add to your personal style. German manufacturer Sennheiser has risen to the occasion and brought forth its latest set of headphones, which don’t just give you great sound, they also look classier than a lot of the competition.

The build quality is unmistakably premium, from the steel headband with leather lining on top, to the sturdy bronze headphones with soft leather cushioning. They did fit very well on all head sizes, but we noticed that the level of noise that was cut out varied from person to person. That said, in most cases, the phones did do a great job of cutting out enough sound for us to enjoy our music without blaring interruptions.

Sound quality was great, especially on the mids and the bass, which makes most modern tracks sound great. A variety of pop, metal and electronic music was tested initially, which sounded great on the Momentums. But once we tried playing some jazz or classical, we noticed that the treble output was not up to par with the rest of the sound spectrum. Audiophiles will be quick to detect the slight lack of crispness due to this.

The Momentums do come as a full package, with just about everything you need. There’s a hard box case with a cable compartment. You get both, the standard 3.5mm cable as well as one with an attached mic, in case you want to plug it into your phone. The cables are detachable from the main headphones, which makes replacing them really easy in the long run.

These Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones are a pricey pair, but the exquisite build quality, along with great performance, and comfort even after long durations of wear, does pretty much make up for the expense. Plus they look really classy as street wear.

Rs 24,999; sennheiser.com

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