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04 December 2013

Steelbird MTV Zorro helmet

A helmet endorsed by MTV Roadies is like butter chicken endorsed by China…

Aashish Kulkarni
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Badass seems to be the new cool in the ever changing world of pop culture. And MTV with its reality show, MTV Roadies is just that. The channel has joined forces with Steelbird helmets to release a new line of badass gear. We put our heads on the line to sample their latest product, the MTV Zorro helmet.

The grey and black dual-tone colour adds to the sporty look of the helmet, while jazzy decals with a Roadies stamp push the cool factor up a few notches. Rest assured that with this helmet on, the ladies will give you that much desired second look. Not sure what’ll happen once the helmet comes off, though.

On the utility front, there are four vents – two on the chin and two on top – that provide good ventilation. The vents are easy to use and are quite a relief in city traffic. Overall, the helmet is a snug fit, and feels well cushioned to absorb the force in case of a crash.

Obviously, a full-face helmet can be cumbersome to carry around all the time in the city. Adding to the versatility factor, the chin guard can be lifted up to make way for a half helmet. There’s also a built-in shade that can be deployed at the push of a lever. This provides good shading when the sun’s out in force; it also keeps the eyes protected from the wind blast. Thanks to all these features, this helmet feels comfy for long durations.

Overall, the MTV Zorro ticks all the right boxes as far as styling and comfort are concerned. If black seems a bit too understated for your taste, the headgear is also available in three other colours – red, white, and a very loud metallic lime green.

Rs 1,999, steelbirdhelmet.com



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