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10 July 2013

Steelbird SB 29 helmet

One of the most well-ventilated Indian-made helmets

Girish Karkera
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Obviously, every rider likes the wind-in-my-hair feel when they’re on a bike. But we know that’s not possible with a helmet on. Of course, it’s risky riding without one – however short the distance – and ‘apparently’ also illegal. And the summer is here, so things can get rather messy and uncomfortable under the helmet, especially after a long ride.

Keeping that in mind, Steelbird, the made-in-India manufacturer of affordable helmets has launched the SB 29, an open-face helmet complete with ventilation. The talking point here is the sliding roof, which allows some air to pass through. And being a reasonably big hatch, this actually works and you can feel the difference vis-à-vis regular helmets when it comes to not having a hot head at the end of a long ride under the sun.

And it is nicely designed as well. Looks quite contemporary. The dual-tone finish adds a bit of zing to the design. The body finish has some rough edges but at Rs 1,349, overall fit and finish is quite acceptable. The inside padding feels smooth and cushy. The visor comes with a tint so you may find it a bit of a problem in the dark. But on the brighter side, it does manage to take out a reasonable amount of glare.

If you are not the kind who likes to splurge on something like an everyday bike helmet but would still want something that really works for the summer, then the SB 29 is decent gear to have.

Rs1,349; steelbirdhelmet.com

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