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11 December 2012

Stunt School Revolution 2.0: out now

Millions of you play our little game, and now it's 50% better

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For once, this isn’t TopGear maths: literally millions of you have downloaded our TopGear Stunt School Revolution app to play on your way to work, during work and after work. And we have good news. If you go to the iTunes store, Amazon Appstore and now the Google Play Store , you can download the apptastic TopGear Stunt School Revolution 2.0.

There’s more, a whole 50 per more. More content and action: including new Stig Trials and an enhanced rewards system. And thanks to Facebook Connect, you can go head to head with your mates to see who has the best driving skills. Not only will you have bragging rights, you’ll also unlock new cars and stunts.

So if you like to customize cars with jet engines, bulldozer shovels, snow plows and drive them in crazy locations. Download the app for FREE now by clicking here, here or here.

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