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10 October 2012

The Bat

This isn't a car

Gagan Gupta
Car image

Where does he get those wonderful toys? Not a line from the newer Batman films, but relevant nonetheless.

The Dark Knight Rises ditches the idea of exotic road transport from the previous films and gives Batman a vehicle that works a lot better as an urban aerial vehicle. This scale model may not be the exact replica of the Bat you see in the movie, because design modifications had to be made for the included gimmickry.

But it’s an impressive toy on our desktops regardless. The Bat model may not be able to fly, but it does have a couple of plastic projectiles, and a nifty eject button that shoots out a lightweight gliding Batman when the going gets tough.

Creative liberties have added a handle for you to use all the functionality with ease, though that makes it look a bit like a mini vacuum cleaner. We’re just saying. A great fan-fodder toy for Dark Knight enthusiasts, which we assume are all grown ups. Right?

Mattel.com; Rs 2,199

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