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15 February 2013

This is the world’s most powerful electric powerboat

Electric Mercedes SLS supplies power for Cigarette Racing’s 2221bhp boat

Vijay Pattni
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This is the most powerful powerboat... in the world. It is Cigarette Racing's ‘AMG Electric Drive Concept', and will make its debut at the Miami International Boat Show.

Now, before you go scurrying off into the dark recesses of The Web to vent your frustrations, yes, we know it's a boat. And yes, we know we're a car site. But the power for MegaBoat comes from the radiation-spec yellow Mercedes SLS Electric Drive.

In the AMG/Cigarette Racing boat, total power hits 2221bhp, and 3000Nm of torque

This 38ft long, ‘electricbeam magno' coloured boat (the same colour as the electric SLS), wears its AMG logos with pride, because it features twelve liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous electric motors each delivering 185bhp and 250Nm of torque. You'll recall four of these motors sit inside the electric SLS. With twelve on board the AMG/Cigarette Racing boat, total power hits 2221bhp, and 3000Nm of torque. That's quite a bit more than the SLS's 740bhp, and more than enough to seriously twist some water.

It's powered by four of the SLS Electric Drive's high-voltage batteries, each containing 12 modules consisting of 72 lithium-ion cells. So Cigarette Racing's boat incorporates a total of 48 modules and 3456 cells, helping to propel the boat to a heady top speed of... 160kph. It might not sound like much, but on the waves, this makes it the world's fastest electrically driven powerboat.

There are SLS references inside, too, we're told. The display of the electric SLS transfers to the boat, providing information on motor output, battery voltage and charge. There are even sports seats matched with carbon fibre bits in the cockpit.

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