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Just having missed a bullet from the enemy sniper, you dash your way across the map, only to be ambushed by a couple of enemy soldiers, who were camping up on towers. When you think you have no  option but to dodge their bullets until one of them gets their aim right, you get an announcement in your intercom: “Your titan is ready”.

There are few moments in gaming that, no matter how often they are repeated, bring a wide smile to your face, and fill you with a sense of new hope. This is one of them – when you see your 20-foot tall, highly armoured, heavily armed mech dropping into the battle from the sky, inviting you to enter the cockpit and take control.

And this is just one of the great things about Titanfall. Not just the novelty of getting to fight in giant mechs, but everything in this game seems super-powered.

As a soldier you have the ability to wallrun, jump pretty high, double jump across long distances; even the basic-level firepower is more than enough to rack up points from the get go.

The game is completely multi-player, but not the kind to be dominated by a limited few, who’ve worked their way up to incredibly high skill levels. You earn XP (experience points) by doing just about anything, plus you have plenty of AI-controlled players to rack up points on. So even if you’re not a multi-player gamer, you will find a lot to love here.

The campaign is hard to follow, especially considering that it consists of  standard multi-player battles, except it’s accompanied by story-based chatter on your intercom. It’s quite easy to not pay attention when you’re in the heat of battle, but that’s fine as the game really doesn’t expect you to.

There are five different match types starting from a team deathmatch mode called Attrition, moving on to some common modes like capture the points, capture the flag, plus some unique ones like Last Titan Standing and Pilot Hunter. There’s also a Variety mode, which is a mixed bag of all the above mentioned modes.

Titanfall has 15 maps to begin with, and there’s the promise of many more to come, through free and paid DLCs. But even in its current state and even after being released this early in the year, Titanfall is surely a big contender for game of the year.

Rs 3,499 (PC); game4u.com


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