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11 August 2014

Toyota’s Vision GT concept looks insane

It’s based on the stunning FT-1, sounds like a racecar and will be hitting a GT6 near you

Vijay Pattni
Car image

Remember the Toyota FT-1? It was a proper surprise at this year's Detroit Motor Show; a high-end sportscar concept designed to show that Toyota was getting its mojo back. Good.

This then, is more proof that Toyota's mojo has indeed, enjoyed some cross-mojination, because it's a short, sharp teaser for an upcoming Gran Turismo 6 racer. Remember the Vision GT cars? This is Toyota's version.

It's only 30 seconds long, but the video is well worth a watch, if only to hear a lovely little racing engine. And yes, we get the whole ‘it's not real and it's just a game', but it was designed by Toyota's Calty Design and Research centre in California - the same bods who sketched out the FT-1 concept.

So there's some pedigree involved. And anyway, the Vision GT cars are entirely excellent. Especially the Mercedes, which actually scared us a little bit.

Make this now please, Toyota.

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