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30 November 2012

Video: amazing transforming robot

You need to watch this before you start writing your Christmas list...

Rowan Horncastle
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We're eager beavers here at TopGear.com, and have already started writing our Christmas list. So far it consists of the Stigtionary, James and Jeremy's new DVD and a fresh Stig soap-on-rope as we've eaten last year's one. But now we have a new addition: the Brave Robotics Transformer.

Unlike the transformer from the Citroen advert or those ones from Hollywood, this one is real. It's awesome too. With a touch of a button your harmless remote control car can stand up, turn into a robot and dance around like a penguin who's had too much fizzy pop at a school disco.

But there's more. Once in robot form, it can fire plastic missiles from both arms. It even has a Wi-Fi camera. We know! A blimmin' Wi-Fi camera so you can see from a dancing penguin that's had too much fizzy pop at a school disco's point of view.

So if you're reading this Santa Claus (we know you're a frequent commenter) please drop one down our chimney.


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