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02 January 2014

Video: Block’s Gymkhana in miniature

Watch Kenny B’s amazing Fiesta escapades recreated in remote-control form. Serious joystick skills

Sam Philip
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Ken Block is unquestionably very good at sliding powerful Fiestas around obstacle courses. However - and we're sure you've often thought this too - he is also far too large. Human-sized, in fact, which makes it very tough for Ken to perform his feats of oversteer on, say, your living room floor.

So what would happen if you distilled the excellence of Block's latest Gymkhana escapade into 1/18 scale radio-control form? Find out in this stunning video from HPI Racing, who clearly (a) have quite a lot of spare time on their hands and (b) are really quite handy with tiny RC cars.

The skills on show are astonishing, as is the attention to detail. Oh, and the camerawork is pretty nifty too. Obviously the consequences of getting it wrong in an RC car aren't quite so severe as a shunt in a 650bhp Fiesta, but then again, these guys are operating within tolerances of millimetres, not the piffling centimetres Ken has to work with. Consider us impressed.

Cast your votes: is this even more impressive than Mr Block's escapades?

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