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27 June 2013

Video: Camaro toy transforms ITSELF

Footage from Tokyo Toy Show screen of self-transforming robot. Want this badly

Vijay Pattni
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You might as well draw a line under your childhood with a footnote that reads ‘underwhelming'. Chiefly because you didn't have this wonderful contraption in your life. It's a self-transporting robot Camaro, and thus, a proper Transformer.

Admittedly, the video is rather shoddy, but it's been taken from a screen at the Tokyo Toy Show, where Tomy showed off the actual robot. It's based on the Chevy - just like in the Transformers film, called ‘Bumblebee' - and, well, you want one.

The video description does however, points to another transforming toy effort by Brave Robotics that goes back a few years, and looks mighty similar. Have a click below and see what you think. Ultimately, it will never be as good as this, mind.

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