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14 September 2012

Video: F1 2012 demo

If you’ve got an Xbox or PS3, you’ve been officially invited to an F1 Young Driver Test

Rowan Horncastle
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We've read your armchair commentary, and you're all apparently world champions in the waiting. Well, now it's your time to shine.

Thanks to the new F1 2012 demo, you've just been invited to a Young Driver Test. All you need is an Xbox/PS3, an internet connection and some patience while it downloads. But then you're ready to race.

Once playing, you'll be able to drive the pinnacle of race cars and get used to their unusual handling (don't make the same mistakes Richard did). All this is done without a ticket to Abu Dhabi - or even a medical - like the real annual Young Driver Test.

It's not just that, as once you've got the hang of the car, Codemasters will let you sample ‘Season Challenge' - a new game mode where players compete across ten races to become the number one driver on the grid.

We're told that this is the most realistic game yet. And after watching the trailer below - where they've recreated the season so far in cyber world - we're not doubting them. There's realistic weather changes, damage and Kamikaze Kobayashi airborne-ness.

Will you be buying a copy, dot commers?

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