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20 December 2013

Video: It's a real-life Lego hot rod

This is a full-size, air-powered hot rod built out of plastic bricks

Matthew Jones
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This is a running, driving hot rod made of Lego. It has an air-powered Lego engine. It'll do 29kph. And it's entirely incredible.

Named the Super Awesome Micro Project, it was built by Romanian plastic brick enthusiast Raul Oaida from more than 500,000 Lego pieces and can manage a dizzying top speed of 29kph. The engine - also built of out Lego - has a total of 256 pistons in four orbital units and runs on compressed air. Which is intensely clever. Especially considering Oaida is 20 years old and entirely self-taught.

There's no word yet on how the Lego-rod handles, but we suspect a Nurburgring lap record attempt would result in the driver, erm, bricking it. Even so, is this the ultimate kit car?

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