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23 May 2013

Watch: Forza 5 trailer

The Xbox 'One' is here, and it has brought along the goodness of the next-gen Forza Motorsport with it

Amaan Ahmed
Car image

When we came to know about the arrival of the Xbox 'One', we knew Microsoft would have a Gran Turismo 6-rivalling trick up its sleeve, and we weren't wrong, because Microsoft revealed this: the trailer for Forza Motorsport 5.

Set against a picturesque background, the trailer shows two very important McLarens - the F1 and the P1 - racing against each other. Squeezing through the circuit laid out across a beautiful town, the cars depict a level of detailing that will have you glued to the screen: the deep, gleaming paint, the naked carbonfibre, the wheelspin tossing up gravel…it's just delectable.

Who wins the race? Why don't you click 'Play', put on your headphones and find out for yourself? It will be a minute and 27 seconds of your life well spent...

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