The Honda name has been striked out. Now it's Hero vs Honda as the Japanese bike maker tries to grab market share from its old ally.

  • Hunk

    Hero's third variant in the 150cc category. We wonder whether the name makes sense at all.

  • Ignitor

    This is Hero's attempt at stunning you. Looks a bit different, offers more features than the Stunner.

  • Impulse

    The only option if you like it dirty.

  • Karizma

    The only challenger to the Pulsar 200 DTS-i. Finally gets a much needed facelift and fuel-injection system.

  • Maestro

    A testosterone-charged scooter aimed at men. Big size and proven mechanicals. If it doesn't apply to you, look below.

  • Passion

    A facelifted effort, which is still chugging along, but for how long? The passion is all lost but the will to move on is is abundance.

  • Pleasure

    Hero's first automatic scooter is aimed at women only. And women are buying it with... umm... pleasure.

  • Splendor

    The Splendor is back, now with a small thinking cap on. We check if there’s any logic to it

  • Xtreme

    There's nothing understated about the bike's looks, quite unlike the predecessor. Decent power and lots of gizmos to boot.