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Review: Hero Ignitor

Driven November 2012

Review: Hero Ignitor

There’s no doubt about it by now. We as a nation are completely influenced by Bollywood. Random case in point: the Ignitor, Hero’s latest entry into the premium 125cc market. But wait, haven’t we seen this bike before?

Yes, this is Hero’s version of the Honda CBF Stunner – after the divorce procedure. Both companies have got custody of one bike each. And now, the twins are slugging it out for a piece of the pie. Filmy enough, no?

These bikes may look identical at first glance, but a closer inspection reveals subtle differences. The first being the badging – so the locations where you originally found the Honda badge, now say Hero. On the design front, there’s not much to look for, except for flashier decals and the body-coloured rear-view mirror. Oh, and those air vents below the indicator are a design element only. Overall, the Ignitor looks more modern compared to the Honda Stunner.

Same story on the instrument cluster. The Ignitor further distances itself from the Stunner with a digital-analogue display. This comes as a refreshing change and will most likely be a key reason for buyers to choose the Ignitor over the Stunner. The switchgear feels top-notch, in some places even better than the Stunner.

Don't let the half fairing mislead you; this is an outright commuter bike that comes with an upright seating position. Riding it around, we realised this may be a small 125cc bike, but it definitely has a fun factor to it – the bikes lightweight and grippy tyres make the Ignitor agile and fun to ride. So apart from squeezing the bike through congested traffic, the Ignitor can also be surprisingly fun when you wring it as you try to get to the office on time.

The 125cc motor is identical to the Stunner’s and makes the same 11bhp and 11Nm of torque. The only difference is that on paper, the Ignitor makes 11Nm at 5000rpm, while the Stunner makes the same amount of torque at 6500rpm, which makes the Ignitor a more traffic-friendly bike. Add to that fuel economy of 53kpl and you know this sporty looker won't burn a hole in your pocket.

And about that sibling rivalry? Well, the Hero Ignitor and the Honda Stunner are as similar as identical twins can get. Apart from subtle differences.

Asked to choose between the two, we’ll put our money on the Ignitor, which comes across as the more contemporary of  the two. Never mind that it’s Rs 3000 more expensive.

The numbers
Single-cyl, 124.7cc, 11bhp, 11Nm, Transmission:  5m, Weight: 129kg, Fuel efficiency: 53kpl, Rs 68,000 (on-road, Mumbai)

A Honda Stunner twin that feels up to date when compared to the bike it is based on.

Abhinav Mishra

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