Proves first impressions are the best impressions. Came to India with some brilliant cars and even an SUV. But now they are resting on past laurels and their cars, though modern, are rather pricey. Great if you want status, not so if you want substance and value.

  • Amaze

    The car that features Honda's first diesel engine for India

  • Brio

    A complete young family hatch, comes with an aggressive price tag.

  • City

    Solid, sensible, well thought-out sedan has space, economy and quality but very little flair or excitement.

  • CR-V

    Suave, comfortable, handles well and has a great engine. But pricing seems to rely more on past laurels rather than current value. And don't even think abotu off-roading.

  • Jazz

    A worthy rival to the Hyundai i20

  • Mobilio

    Stylish, seven-seater spices up MPV segment