The butt of all jokes are now the ones laughing their way to the bank. They still have brand issues when it comes to selling expenisve luxury cars, but they offer some cracker hatchbacks. And there are more on the anvil. After-sales service isn't a horror, either.

  • Creta


  • Elantra

    Bang in the middle of the midsize Verna and the luxury Sonata, the new Elantra ticks all the right boxes when it comes to a proper exec sedan

  • Eon

    The Eon is an interesting little entry number. It has what you want from an entry-level city car, even if not in the best possible way.

  • Grand i10

    Hyundai fills up the gap between the i10 and i20. Finds the best of both worlds in terms of dimensions and equipment

  • i10

    Another excellent compact hatch from Hyundai. Massively practical, very sophisticated for such a small car.

  • i20

    Hyundai is getting dull because everything it churns out is really quite good. The i20 is as good as most others in its class.

  • Santa Fe

    The new Santa Fe may not look your conventional, intimidating SUV but it surely knows how to play the part well.

  • Santro Xing

    It's terribly old, but still the car to buy if you want no-nonsense transport.

  • Sonata

    Finally, a D-segmenter from Hyundai that takes the fight to its rivals.

  • Verna

    The updated Verna fixes most issues that plagued the previous edition, making it a vast improvement.

  • Xcent

    Compact in size but spacious inside. Plus, the boot doesn't look all that bad either.