Few brands carry more historical luggage than Jaguar, which has been struggling for years to drag the trad British sports tourer into the age of satnav. But great news! The Yanks have flogged the cat to the Indians, who plan to leave the Brits in charge. And the new cars are real BMW-botherers...

  • F-Type

    The new F-Type does way more than a wild cat roar. So, do all other sports and supercars need to shiver in fright?

  • XE

  • XF

    With BMW going the Joy way, the XF is turning out to be the ultimate sport sedan

  • XJ

    British engineering at its finest. Good option for buyers looking for a non-german big luxury sedan.

  • XKR

    Recently facelifted and still a great car. New engines make things better with the R version getting staggeringly fast. Gets the rising round lever from the XF.