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Review: Range Rover Evoque 2017

Driven July 2017

Review: Range Rover Evoque 2017

Quite like the Discovery Sport, this baby Range Rover has also received the brand new Ingenium diesel motor. It is in the same state of tune and makes an equally potent 174bhp and 430Nm of torque. The Evoque also dispenses power to all four-wheels using a 9-speed automatic transmission. However, the more compact dimensions of the Evoque reaps in benefits of being lighter than the Discovery Sport – a full 155 kilos lighter. This allows it to chalk up the 100kph dash in just over ten seconds. Moreover, the combination of the nine-speed double clutch gearbox and peak torque delivery between 1750-2500rpm implies little lag to be spoken of. Maintaining cruising speeds on the highway is effortless and the compact dimensions makes it reasonable fun around corners too.

While low-end responses makes it likeable around urban situations, its relaxed manner and ability to settle into a low rpm cruise on the highway is welcome too. However, if you make tall demands from this down-sized motor, it struggles to cope toward the top end.

Most bits in the cabin remains the same, with the same layout as earlier. The centre stack is complemented by the new infotainment system with a larger 10-inch touchscreen that sits right on top of the dash board. It works well to freshen things up in the cabin and has a few tricks up its sleeve to make it easier to use and integrate with your phone.

Unlike the Discovery Sport, you get new signature LED lamps to tell the new Evoque apart from the its earlier versions and if you opt for the Dynamic variant you get LED headlamps to further make the 2017 variant distinct. This one remains the easiest way to buy into the Range Rover brand and boasts off-road ability to match its Land Rover counterpart. With the new GST prices being announced, this version, the HSE, is available at the showroom for RS 51.91 lakh.

Price: 51.91 lakh
1999cc, 4cyl, turbo diesel
30-50: 2.0 sec
50-70: 2.6sec
80-0: 27m
Highway kpl: 12.5kpl

Debabrata Sarkar

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